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Wedding Prep: It’s OK to Stress Now

I love that I get to read wedding blogs with abandon, I’ll miss this once I’m married. Offbeat Bride has been a staple site for me for months. Via OBB, I surfed to A Practical Wedding a few weeks ago … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasure: Dairy Category

There is a local dairy farm here called Crescent Ridge. My first encounter with them was through work actually. They deliver milk and cream to us weekly in old fashioned glass milk bottles. They rattle together in the truck and … Continue reading

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Recipe: Whole Wheat Zucchini Walnut Poppy Bread

My aunt gave me her tried and true banana bread recipe years ago. I don’t think I’ve actually ever followed the thing BUT I riff on it every single time I made a fruit/veggie bread. My baking style is to … Continue reading

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Dropping A Boston Photo Bomb

Get ready for a photobomb! I spent 6 hours today walking, shopping, and snapping photos downtown. It was my first outing with my new camera, my Canon Rebel T1i. Enjoy and comment if you like them! Newbury Street, the Boston … Continue reading

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Engagement Pictures(!) and Finding Joy in the Thankless Task That Is Wedding Planning

Things you are not told when you get engaged: Planning a wedding is an unpaid part time job Focusing on all the details will make you lose sight of the bigger picture (y’know, love) You should (you have to) celebrate … Continue reading

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Ommegang Fever

When John and I went on our cross country road trip this past June I finally found it: The Perfect Beer. But let’s back up shall we? I’m not a big drinker so when I enjoy a beer it’s gotta … Continue reading

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Hello blogging world!

I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for some time. Scratch that, I’ve had a blog for almost 10 years over on Livejournal. But that thing has been friends-only for some time. I decided I needed a new space. That’s … Continue reading

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